Dia de los Muertos Festival

15 November 2018

Before half term, Spanish teacher, Carlos Piannti, led the school in a Dia de los Muertos celebration…more below

This festival, celebrated throughout Mexico and Central America at the start of November, is a blend of several traditions, including Catholic and pre-Hispanic. It marks a time when the veil between the living and the dead is thought to be easily crossed by loved ones who have departed and who now come to visit.

Ways of celebrating vary, but typically an altar is set up in a home and laden with offerings to help the dead on their journey. Items represent the four elements, such as water to quench thirst, fire (candles)  to light the way, wind represented by incense from copal tree resin, and earth by food for sustenance on the journey. Sugar skulls and bright orange flowers adorn the altar. Nestled amongst these offerings are pictures of the deceased, who are honored and celebrated on this day. Our students were invited to bring in pictures of their own relatives for the altar.

Carlos was busy with most of the Classes in the days leading up to Dia de los Muertos, making sugar skulls, clay bones and paper margiold bouquets for the altar. At the festival students from Classes 5-10 shared songs and recitations in Spanish.

Many thanks to Carlos for sharing these traditions with us, and to all the students who devoted their energy and imagination to this celebration.

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