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Babies and the Influence of Mobile Phones, Tablets, TV and Computers [paperback]

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How use of new technology affects babies and the mother-child relationship. What the experts say.

Paperback: 66 pages
Publisher: Cardiff Steiner Press (September 2012)
*New up dated version to be published late 2019/early 2020.

Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9573029-0-7
Dimensions: A5 21x 148 cm

Originally published in German by Spielraum – Lebensraum, edited by Maria Luisa Nuesch. Translated by Martina Henn, edited in English by Clare Kimber.

A collection of expert voices give their unique perspectives on the impact of screen based media on the mother-child relationship. Speaking exclusively for this booklet, the voices of paediatricians, neurobiologists, psychologists, midwives, breast-feeding counsellors, media specialists, a grandmother (and a new born baby) – combine into a moving and powerful call to action…to tune in to our children, by tuning out the inteference from new technologies that surround us.

“Today more and more support is required because a mother’s ‘inner voice’, her own sense of what is right, is often drowned out by the din of out times.”

    ~Maria Luisa Nuesch, author and Early Years Educator~

“If a newborn baby is forced to compete for it’s mother’s attention during feeding, this is a battle it cannot win. We are living in a time when our attention tends to be captured not only, but especially, by the media. Therefore it is necessary to create spaces of quiet where parents can learn to consciously focus their attention on their children. ”
    ~Professor of Computer and Media Sience,  Uwe Buerann~

“There is nothing a newborn baby would rather look at than a lively, human face. Between a mother and her child there is an early dialogue of facial expressions that is called an ‘eye-dance’ by neo-natal researchers. If a baby is denied this eye-dance…it responds with ‘inner freezing’…an inability to percieve its own self and subsequently other people.”
     ~Neonatal researcher, Daniel Stern~

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“Show me the lovers who would want to watch television during their first few days together.”
     ~Craniosacral Therapist, Dr. Med. Joelle Aimee Toulouse~

“You are engrossed in an animated and intense conversation with someone, when there is a beep, or the sound of music and suddenly you are alone. The other person is present but inwardly miles away. Adults can cope with the slight disappointment of being left on their own and having to wait patiently for the mobile phone to release the other person -a newborn baby [or young child] is not equipped to do so….What a relief it is when the other person ignores the ringing or even switches off their phone. In doing so the unspoken message is -the conversation I am having with you matters more to me.”
     ~Dr Edwin Hubner, Institute for Pedagogy, Sense and Media-ecology~

“If we start organising our lives in a different way, by consciously allowing ourselves moments of inner peace, and planning to have periods of time without outward distractions, we will notice that we are now able to develop a genuine inner attention for our children. Then they will feel they are being acknowledged, which will enable them to feel more at one with themselves.”
    ~Paediatrician, Nicola Fels~


“This valuable publication heightens our awareness of the need to protect and respect the vulnerability of the first years of human life. The embedding of technology into our contemporary lifestyles now requires us to take a conscious and discriminating approach when considering the true needs of young children. It is essential reading for parents and early years teachers.’
~Lynne Oldfield, Course Director, London Steiner Waldorf Early
Childhood Studies~

“Screen based media is a part of our children’s lives even before they are born. Some of us film their births, most of us text or tweet the good news within minutes. We have got so used to the role of new technologies in our lives that we barely question their effects. This important publication asks us to do just that – to take a step back and look through the eyes of others, and most importantly through the eyes of of our children.”
~Jenny Grewal, mother, Cardiff, UK~

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