• Upper School Teaching Diploma, London Steiner Teacher Training Seminar
  • Steiner Class Teacher Training Diploma, North of England Steiner Teacher Training
  • Studied Politics/Education at the University of York

Tony Andrews – History & Geography

Tony teaches History and Geography Main Lessons as a visiting teacher to our Middle and Upper School students.

Tony was a Class Teacher at Ringwood Waldorf School for 14 years, and an Upper School Humanities Teacher and Administrator there for 7 years. He was involved in planning and initiating the new upper school at Ringwoood and in establishing the Certificate of Steiner Education (NZCSE) in the UK. He is also a visiting Humanities/Social Sciences Teacher at Norwich Steiner School, as part of a core group of visiting teachers who work across UK Steiner Schools offering the NZCSE.

Tony studied Politics/Education at the University of York and has a Steiner Class Teacher Training Diploma from the North of England Steiner Teacher Training programme, and an Upper School Teaching Diploma from the London Steiner Teacher Training Seminar. He has taught all Main Lesson subject in Lower School from Classes 1 to 8 and History, Geography, Politics, Cartography and PHSE at Middle and Upper School level.

Tony also has a background in engineering, having previously trained as an engineering craftsman and instructor, and had taught Blacksmithing and metalwork in Upper School.