Celebrating our University Offers 2024

15 February 2024

A huge Congratulations to our Level 3 Upper School students who’ve secured the first of their University Offers. We’re so proud of them, aiming high in their #HigherEducation pursuits and navigating the #UCAS process with grace and determination.

Unique in Wales, our ground-breaking, exam-free, qualification is equivalent to A Levels and the International Baccalaureate, is recognised by UCAS and accepted by UK and international universities.

Offers received so far include Criminology at Durham University, English Language and Linguistics at the University of Glasgow, Economics at the University of York, Engineering at the University of York, English with Film and Drama at Royal Holloway, Engineering at the University of Plymouth, Business Studies at Birbeck, Youth and Community Work at Cardiff Metropolitan.

With their comprehensive foundation as independent life-long learners, able to self-reflect and take initiative, these talented students are sure to excel in their higher studies and future careers.

Find out more about our Upper School our innovative Certificate of Steiner Education qualification and how to apply for admission

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