Early Years Open Morning

  • An inspiring and nurturing education

    for children age 3 to 18

Early Years Open Morning

Date coming soon, 10.00-12.00

Curious about Steiner Early Years Education? Open Morning is a great opportunity to look around, meet the teachers, and find out how our nurturing and holistic education could suit your child.

You and your child will be warmly welcomed into the Kindergartens, get hands-on and experience some typical activities of a Kindergarten morning. Everyone is welcome. You can come on your own or with children or babies of any age.

Come and find out how our carefully designed, pre-school programme for age 3-6 builds your child’s foundational skills for academic, social, and personal growth, to flourish through school and beyond.

Our friendly Admissions Team will be on hand to share tea and cake and answer any questions you have.

BOOK your place now and find out more below. We look forward to welcoming you.

Kamila Klimczewska

Admissions Officer


See the full programme for the morning [pdf 296kb]

What our parents say

“Designed around children’s needs. We have seen our daughter thrive in this kind, caring and stimulating environment. Everything is age-appropriate for the children, and not target-based. The emphasis is on creating an environment where each child can reach his or her full potential in a non-pressured, play-based way.

The child’s development is thought of as a whole, rather than concentrating on one particular aspect. Our daughter benefits greatly from the multi-cultural understanding within the school, where everybody brings something of value to the mix. She is brimming over with creativity, which has been actively encouraged by her Steiner education.”

“My four year old son completely adores it. This is more significant because he was a very reluctant starter. The teachers were wonderful with him (and me!) as they eased us in gently. These people aren’t here just to pay their bills, they’re here because they believe in and love what they do. I wanted somewhere for my son where he could be HAPPY and have the company of other children without academic pressure – I found all that here and more”

“It’s a privilege to be involved closely with your child’s education, for them to feel that this isn’t just somewhere where you leave them but is somewhere that you are all connected to and have a presence.”

“When he came home after the Michaelmas Festival I’m sure he was an inch taller, he was so happy and so pleased with his day. He stood proudly in his Autumn Leaf Crown and Golden Cloak and told me that it was ‘the best day in Kindy ever’.

He said that when the children from the Classes joined the Kindergarten children to sing ‘Morning has come’ it ‘felt wonderful Mummy, it echoed through the whole school’. Then his eyes opened wide and he said ‘and later we went into the ‘Great Hall’ and had a feast Mummy, it was real feast!’. Thank you for another wonderful day!”

” Kindergarten has taken me on a personal journey. I have been supported and guided by teachers and other mothers; offering me opportunities to grow as a mother and an individual. All the while knowing my daughter is happy, safe and respected.”

“A wonderful, caring and creative environment. There were a lot of good play groups and reception classes in our area, but nothing compares to the kind of play I have seen in the Kindergarten.

It was by chance that we came to register her, but I am so glad that we did! I had taken our children to the Parent and Toddler group and loved the wholesome child-centred approach but wasn’t sure if Kindergarten was for us. I didn’t know much about the teaching methods and it was across town when we wanted to minimise our use of the car. We were on the verge of selecting a nursery nearby when I bumped into a mum… who mentioned there were still places available… and I jumped at the chance.

It has worked out really well. She adores her teachers and the imaginative play is echoed in her play at home and with other children. And transportation is easier as I now lift-share with other parents.”

“It’s a little haven where children have the opportunity to be free to explore their imagination… It just needs to be seen to be believed.”

“I like the seasonal approach – the way that songs, stories, activities and even food all tie in together. When they go outside it is an even more positive experience for them. This is particularly important for our city kids; the kindergarten experience reinforces their link with nature.”

“I watch my daughter playing with a neighbour’s child from another school. They both have the same materials, but my daughter is spreading paint, talking about what it means. The other girl is drawing a house, chimney etc and I’m suddenly aware that she’s worrying about getting everything right, whereas my daughter has been freed to see whatever she wants to see in her work.”

Find out more

  • Parent and Toddler for age 0-3

    Gentle, structured sessions for you, your baby and toddler. An excellent way for those unfamiliar with Steiner Education to test the water gently with their child

Any Questions?

Kamila Klimczewska in our Admissions Office is looking forward to talking with you about how Steiner Education could suit your child. Please contact her to find out more below or call 029 2056 7986.

Kamila Klimczewska

Kamila Klimczewska

Admissions Officer

Contact Kamila

How to Get Here

The School is located in the residential area of Llandaff North. Please park considerately for our neighbours (not in front of driveways, on drop curbs or too close to corners) or use nearby Hailey Park Car Park 2 mins away. There is also a parking facility at Llandaff train station which is a 2 minute walk from the School. We are very well served by public transport with excellent bus links within Cardiff, and Llandaff train station just two streets away. The Taff Trail cycle route runs through Hailey Park next to the school.

Next Steps

We understand the importance of finding the right setting for your child. It can be an exciting journey to discover a place that meets your educational hopes and expectations.

Children come to Cardiff Steiner School from a variety of settings – private nurseries, state school nurseries, independent schools, home-schooling, other Steiner schools or as a first step from home – for a unique education they cannot find elsewhere.

If you enjoy the Open Morning and would like to find out whether Cardiff Steiner School is right for your child, we invite you to take the next steps…

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