THANK YOU to our Maintenance & Allotment Clearing Crew

19 May 2018

A huge THANK YOU to our mighty Maintenance and Allotment Clearing Crew today, and to the lovely folk who kept us going with tea, cake and delicious food. Good fun, good people, good food, good work

Our Maintenance Days are are essential for keeping the School the happy and safe place it is for our children. Just like the ‘Elves and the Shoemaker’, the children (and teachers) are always amazed and overjoyed at the transformation when they come in the next day.

It’s a great way to get to know new or different parents and rewarding stuff – good people, good food, good work, good fun and a huge sense of achievement as we work together towards a common goal. *NEW* this Maintenance Day was a chance to see and help clear our new School Allotment just two minutes from the School.

Part of the Steiner ethos worldwide is that it is a positive thing for families to be involved with the community that holds their children’s education in its hands. Maintenance days are an excellent opportunity for the community to come together and share in a common goal for the day that supports the children, teachers and the School.

“It’s a privilege to be involved closely with your child’s education, for them to feel that this isn’t just somewhere where you leave them but is somewhere that you are all connected to and have a presence.”
~Maintenance Day Parent, Cardiff Steiner School

The days have an important social and community aspect and a big part of this is coming together for lunch, swapping stories of the successes and challenges of the day so far, and sharing the sense of a job well done.

This Maintenance Day we focused on 3 main projects.

  • Clearing the Allotment
  • Creating a new Office Space in the annex
  • Clearing our gutters and drains to keep the playground water-free

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