Wet-on-Wet Painting Outdoors

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Class Ty Haul are making the most of this beautiful weather to take their weekly wet-on-wet painting lessons outdoors. The beautiful colours of wet-on-wet painting always catch the eye of visitors to Cardiff Steiner School. Find out more about this sensory, meditative approach

Positive Friendships

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Classes 8/9 and Class 4/5 came together for the morning to share their thoughts on healthy friendships and positive relationships - building on earlier work  identifying their own personal strengths...

Class 9/10 Charity Big Run

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Our AMAZING Class 9/10 are doing a charity run on 1 July to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Can you help them to reach their target?…

Class 12 Stone Carving

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Our first Stone Carving classes have started in our Outdoor Classroom. There's something about working with stone that evokes an emotional response. It's not just the tactile qualities of the stone itself, but how it touches a primordial memory within us.

The Class 12 Project – Guitar-making

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A look at one of our fantastic Class 12 Projects for the Class of 2021 - Guitar-making