Class Ty Seren Play

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Ty Seren treated us to a joyful play perfomance in the Easter Festival, bringing to life the learning from their Main Lesson block on the Four Processes (+, –, x,  ÷). Find out more...

Upper School – Easter Egg Throwing

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The Upper School Egg Throwing competition is firmly fixed as our end of Easter Festival closing event. Last egg standing wins...

Kindergarten Spring Festival

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Our Kindergarten Spring Festival is a magical day where children, parents and teachers come together and build a giant nest out of sticks, leaves and Spring flowers, in the hope that the Easter Hare will pay us a visit. Find out more...

How to Naturally Dye and Paint Eggs

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Have a go at creating your own family Spring Festival with naturally dyed and painted eggs

Kindergarten May Festival

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Our parents and families joined us to dance and sing around the Maypole, and share a picnic and story