Newtonian Mechanics in Action

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Class 10/11 have been investigating Newtonian Mechanics. In science we flip the ‘teach then show’ model by allowing students to first experience a phenomenon with deep curiosity, hypothesise potential answers and then test their educated guesses through experiment

Ty Enfys (Class 10/11) Restart-a-Heart

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Our Upper School students have been receiving hands-on, cardio pulmonary resuscitation training (CPR) empowering them to save lives

Celebrating our University Offers 2024

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A huge Congratulations to our Level 3 Upper School students who’ve secured the first of their University Offers, aiming high in their #HigherEducation pursuits and navigating the #UCAS process with grace and determination

Physiology – Biology in a Human Context

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Class 9-10 have been presenting their Human Physiology projects this week - Science in our Upper School is not just confined to what can be ojectively measured, it includes the faculties of observation, thinking and an open mind.

Scientific Observation in Upper School

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In science we flip the ‘teach then show’ model and allows students the time to become scientists - motivated to trial, error and continuous inquiry.