Class 5/6 Zoology and Modelling

29 May 2019

Some really wonderful sculptural modelling from our Class 5/6 in their Zoology and Modelling Main Lesson.

Fiona Cullen, our Handwork Teacher has been leading this Main Lesson Block, and loves working with clay with the pupils:

“Modelling even the simplest of animal forms can involve acute observation and sensitive hand to eye coordination. Through being given the opportunity to model children can learn about themselves and the world around them as well as the language of universal form.”

Steiner Education has a strong focus on the arts for all ages, not just as a separate subject but as a powerful vehicle for learning in every subject. Artistic experience weaves through the curriculum all the way from Kindergarten to Upper School, integrating with the topics of the Main Lesson, so children find themselves modelling a variety of forms from animals, plants and human figures, to bones and geological formations.

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