How is the School managed?

Cardiff Steiner School is a self-administered, collaboratively led institution. Its leadership is divided across three groups, each of which is responsible for a specific ‘realm’ of decision making. These groups are the College of Teachers, the Board of Trustees, and the School Management Team. The groups strive for thoughtful independence. Each upholds its own work, recognises where responsibilities overlap, understands when an issue falls to another group, and works with the other groups with honesty and integrity.

The Board of Trustees are responsible for overall governance, and carry responsibility for the legal good-standing, financial well-being and quality assurance of the School.

The Teachers are responsible for pedagogical governance – for matters that directly relate to the classroom and the teaching of the children.

The School Management Team allocates and manages resources and includes responsibility for business/administrative operations, regulatory compliance, managing contact with outside individuals and agencies, marketing, communications, admissions, facilities and development.

Other delegated committees and individuals (Mandate Groups, Finance Committee etc.) have responsibility for specific activities and areas of the school.


Trustee Role/Remit
Brigid Bowen Chair / Additional Learning Needs / Public Relations
Dr Kate Attfield Finance Committee /Child Protection / Human Resources
Shireen Griffiths Human Resources / Regulation and Compliance
Julia Griffiths
Norman Gettings Community Liaison
Michael Ash-Edwards H&S Committee
Michael Flynn
Non-Trustee Support
Miranda Knight Administrator