26 November 2012

Our Christmas Fair on Saturday 26 November was a huge success raising over £2,000 for our bursary fund which provides fee support for families on lower incomes.

As the first Fair at our new home, there was a steep learning curve and many hours spent deciding where to put everything, how to guide people through the building and what to do about shoes! We knew within minutes of opening the doors that it was going to be a busy day, but we were knocked out by the sheer volume of people and warm waves of support from everyone who attended. Our dedicated cafe crew worked tirelessly all day serving delicious salads, bakes, pizzas, soups and cakes, taking over £1,000 alone.

Our craft and traditional toys stall was brimming over and as hugely popular as ever. The exquisite hand crafted toys, gifts, decorations and window pictures made by our parents and staff, elicited a constant stream of admiration and appreciation, and proved our best sellers. Keep an eye out for the gorgeous screen printed Cardiff Steiner shopping bags made by parent Nuria Munoz at our next Fair, the limited print run was snapped up this time.

The children had a wonderful time and were busy all day making gnome gardens, bird decorations and candles inside, before dashing outside to fit in forest craft with our Forest School Leader, Gareth Lewis. Our older children did a roaring trade in hot doughnuts in the garden and helped out on stalls and raffle ticket selling throughout the day.

The Grotto provided a constant source of delight and awe for the younger (and older children!) who seem to have an insatiable love of the trinkets and pocket money gifts inside. While a queue of people lined up for their annual wardrobe stock up on Cath Mace’s eagerly aniticipated and fabulous second hand clothes stall, our beautiful home-made jams, fudge and christmas cakes had mouths watering all day.

All proceeds from the Fair support our Bursary Fund for families on lower incomes. Steiner education works for all children irrespective of academic ability, class, ethnicity or faith, and we are committed to social inclusivity. Our bursary fund is a vital part of that. With your support we can work to ensure that no child is denied a place for financial reasons alone. Just £2 a month can provide a steady and reliable income for our Bursary Fund and help everyone enjoy Steiner education at the Centre. If you are able to make a regular donation please consider setting up a standing order now – it’s quick, easy and secure. Just download the form, fill it in and return it to the Centre. Thank you.

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23 November 2011

We officially celebrated the move to our new home in St Anne’s School, at a formal Opening Ceremony on 23 November. Over 100 guests joined us, including Kindergarten families and staff- past and present, members of the local Roath community, St Anne’s church community and staff and pupils from the former St Anne’s Church in Wales School.

Julia Griffiths, Chair of the Centre Trustees, introduced the evening thanking staff, families, and friends who worked so hard to secure and transform the building into the Cardiff Steiner Early Years Centre, and also the local and church communities who supported our bid to take on the building. Kindergarten Teacher, Anna Podesta, told a wonderful story of a child’s search for knowledge, a parable of the growth and journey of the Kindergarten itself, from our very first parent and toddler group to our current new home.

Fourteen former Kindergarten children, aged 8 to 16, carried 14 beautiful lanterns, handmade by parents, to represent the 14 years since our Centre began. They laid them in the centre of the hall on tables draped in blue velvet. It was extremely moving to see the reverence, grace, warmth and beauty of these wonderful young people, and the love and respect they still have for the Kindergarten that nurtured them in their early years.

Teacher Anna Podesta lit a special lamp which our current Kindergarten children passed one to another with the words “We give, we share, we learn to care, for when we give, we learn to live”.

Once every child had passed on the lamp, Rohan Grewal, aged 6, carried it to the centre of the 14 lanterns, and, with the greatest care, concentration and serenity, lit it a taper from the lamp and used it to light our ‘Candle of the Future’. It was a significant and emotional moment for all present as they watched the flame flicker and glow to life and light. Reminding us of where we have come from and symbiolising where we hope to go, the candle will be used for all our important future celebrations.

Russell Evans, good friend of the Kindergarten, and a grandfather figure throughout our development, read the blessing which had been used at the opening of our first Kindergarten in 1998.

Dr Abdalla Yasin Mohamed, Director of the Islamic Social Services Association spoke about the importance of reverence and simplicity in education, and said the Centre reminded him of his childhood in Sudan.

“This takes me back to my boyhood in the Sudan where our toys were branches and butterflies, whatever we could find became something wonderful.”

Rev Stuart Lisk, Vicar of Roath, gave a blessing that linked the old and new lives of the building.

“We were sad to see the end of the old St Anne’s but delighted to see it reborn and caring for children in a new and imaginative way.”

The lovely former infants school opened as Crofts Street National School in April 1879. It became St Anne’s Church in Wales Primary School in 1949, and an infant school in 1954. It closed in July 2011 as part of Cardiff’s schools reorganisation.

St. Anne’s is located in a strong local community with a longstanding sense of responsibility and love for the school. This is extremely important to us and we feel privileged to take the school forward into this new phase of its life.

After the official ceremony guests relaxed with homemade cakes, teas and coffees and looked around the new Kindergarten rooms.

(l to r) Teifion Griffiths, fomer headmaster of St Teilo’s Church In Wales High School, Anna Podesta, Kindergarten Teacher, Prof James Whitley, Cardiff University

(l to r) Nadi Grewal, Centre parent, Russell Evans, Centre friend


Our Welcome Home Evening on Friday 11 November 11 brought together parents, children, teachers and friends to celebrate the move into our new home. The teachers spent the day cooking and preparing and Kindergarten children and parents arrived to find the hall filled with magical lantern light and the smell of delicious home cooking.

Kindergarten Teacher Anna started the evening by thanking all our parents and friends who have poured their energies, talents and hearts into making St Anne’s the breathtakingly beautiful new home we dreamed of. We cannot thank them enough, and there will always be a little bit of each of them etched into the soul of the school now.

A delicious meal of pea soup, home-made bread and apple cake was served up to all 95 people before everyone joined together to sing our traditional lantern songs. The evening ended with a very wet lantern walk (yes it was that Friday night!) out into our garden, with warm wishes to send us home.


Check out Issue 1 of our new School Newsletter with all the latest news on our Steiner School for children aged 6+ opening Sep 2012


After two months of preparation – painting, sanding, gardening, packing, moving and re registering – we finally got the all clear and moved, as planned, from our old home on Iron St to our lovely new home at St Anne’s School, Crofts St, Roath on Monday 31st October.

Children, teachers and parents met at Iron Street one last time to say goodbye in a gentle way to our home of the last seven years. We sang together in the garden before packing the last few toys into trolleys and closing the door behind us. Kindergarten Teacher, Anna, made sure to take a bucket of our much loved garden mud with us.

Kindergarten Teacher Michelle led us as we walked together with trolleys and mud, on the short walk to our new home, where we unlocked the gates together for the first time.

The children streamed into the garden and filled it with running, swinging, climbing and laughter within seconds. Parents and siblings stayed to see them play before the children went inside to discover their relocated Sun and Rose Garden Kindergartens.

Within minutes the children had settled in as if they had always known the place and seemed to sense instinctively where everything was, helped by the familiar routines and rhythms of Kindergarten morning.

The children, teachers and parents all love our new home, and we feel truly priveleged to have found this very special place for us. Bye Bye and thank you Iron St for 9 wonderful years.

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