• Teaching Certificate of Steiner Education, Michael Hall Waldorf Teacher Training Course
  • Training in delivery and-assessment for the Certificate of Steiner Education, SEDT
  • Waldorf Upper School professional development, Kassel, Germany

Ian Powell – Upper School Lead & Humanities/Arts

Ian joined Cardiff Steiner School in September 2017, and plays a key role in the growth and development of our new Upper School.

Ian comes with enormous experience as an Upper School Teacher, and as a teacher of the Certificate of Steiner Education. He was a founding Class Teacher and Upper School Teacher at South Devon Steiner School for over twenty five years, and thrives on the energy and challenges that come with developing a pioneering, young school.

Ian’s expertise is in the Humanities and he is an inspirational teacher in History, Geography, English, Art, Art History, Philosophy, Sculpture and Photography. Ian teaches these subject areas in our Upper School, alongside our Upper School team of specialist Science, Maths and subject teachers, to deliver the broad and rich Upper School curriculum.

Ian is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher and a great believer in the importance of school trips, experiential project work, independent learning, and in encouraging children’s resilience and critical-thinking. He really enjoys co-working with Upper School students, both as a teacher and as a mentor.

Ian helped introduce the Certificate of Steiner Education to the UK and to South Devon Steiner School. He is experienced in delivering the Certificate and is looking forward to wrapping it around our first Upper School classes. We believe they are embarking on a very special four years.

“When children are allowed to apply their natural creativity and curiosity, they love learning. The Certificate of Steiner Education allows for a broader range of learning styles, whilst losing nothing in academic rigour and the standard/quality of education.”

If you want to find out whether Cardiff Steiner Upper School is right for your child, Ian would be delighted to meet you and talk more. Just choose one of our Visit Options.