• Teaching Diploma in Waldorf Education, London Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar
  • B.A. Hons in Theology, Oxford University
  • PGCE in secondary education

Sarah Elliott – Class 6/7 Teacher & Education Coordinator (Lower School)

Sarah has 15 years experience as a Steiner Class Teacher – for 9 years at Steiner Academy Hereford, and prior to that at Raheen Wood Steiner School in County Clare, Éire, where she was also a Steiner Teacher Trainer.

Sarah was actively involved in the development of both Schools, and was curriculum lead for Maths at Hereford. She has taken a Class through the full ‘loop’, from Classes 1-8, taught Music to Classes 1-7 and Drama from Classes 5 to 10. At Raheen Wood she took a Class from Class 1-5 and was also a Steiner Teacher Tutor on the Irish Steiner Teacher Training Seminar for 4 years, specialising in teaching Waldorf educational philosophy, pedagogy and music.

Sarah has a creative and imaginative approach that actively engages the children, combined with personal warmth and an ability to connect with each individual child. She has a deep understanding of differentiating for, and meeting children’s different learning needs, and has completed the Healing Education and Remedial Teacher Training (Extra Lesson). The Extra Lesson was developed in the UK by Audrey McAllen, with a first lesson of assessment techniques and a curriculum of movement, speech, drawing and painting exercises for children found to have learning barriers. Sarah has found this beneficial in working both with individual students and whole class teaching.

Sarah previously taught History, Humanities and Religious Studies to children aged 11 to 16 in mainstream education. She is a qualified NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor and has studied Compassionate Communication (NVC), a communication approach used in conflict resolution, similar to the Restorative Approach used in some Schools.