Eurythmy West Midlands Performances

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Fabulous performances today from the Eurythmy West Midlands Young Stage Group - combining story-telling, live movement, music and the colourful, expressive art of eurythmy.

Violin Making in Upper School

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Class 9/10 are making Savart Trapezoidal Violins. Woodwork Teacher, Mike, brought his prototype in to School today for Violin Teacher, Elin, to try out.

Class 5/6 Zoology and Modelling

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Some really wonderful sculptural modelling from Class 5/6 in their Zoology and Modelling Main Lesson.

Class 3/4 Handwork Dolls Project

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Class 3/4 have designed and made their own dolls. Making things that are both beautiful and useful, builds not only skills and competence - but self-confidence, perseverance, patience, focus, creativity, and resourcefulness

Dia de los Muertos Festival

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Before half term, Spanish teacher, Carlos Piannti led the school in a Dia de los Muertos celebration