Class 12/13 Project Presentations

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On Saturday we met the young adults that our oldest students have become at the oral presentations for their Class 12 Projects

Garden Group – Spring Project

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Our Parent Garden Group have been busy on a new Spring project focusing on the Kindergarten Garden and front of School

Greening the Garden

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Our fabulous Garden Group have been in action over the Easter break making great progress on greening the garden by constructing new planting beds and trees. The beds will allow for for planting a plum tree and climbers to help green up the railings, and sweet peas for scented flowers and pea soup!

Kindergarten Spring Festival

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Our Kindergarten Spring Festival is a magical day where children, parents and teachers come together and build a giant nest out of sticks, leaves and Spring flowers, in the hope that the Easter Hare will pay us a visit. Find out more...

Newtonian Mechanics in Action

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Class 10/11 have been investigating Newtonian Mechanics. In science we flip the ‘teach then show’ model by allowing students to first experience a phenomenon with deep curiosity, hypothesise potential answers and then test their educated guesses through experiment