Welcome Home Evening and Lantern Walk

Our Welcome Home Evening on Friday 11 November 11 brought together parents, children, teachers and friends to celebrate the move into our new home. The teachers spent the day cooking and preparing and Kindergarten children and parents arrived to find the hall filled with magical lantern light and the smell of delicious home cooking.

Kindergarten Teacher Anna started the evening by thanking all our parents and friends who have poured their energies, talents and hearts into making St Anne’s the breathtakingly beautiful new home we dreamed of. We cannot thank them enough, and there will always be a little bit of each of them etched into the soul of the school now.

A delicious meal of pea soup, home-made bread and apple cake was served up to all 95 people before everyone joined together to sing our traditional lantern songs. The evening ended with a very wet lantern walk (yes it was that Friday night!) out into our garden, with warm wishes to send us home.


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