Kindergarten May Festival – 5 May 2017

Our parents and families joined us to dance and sing around the Maypole, and share a picnic and story

The May Festival

In ancient times May Day celebrated the beginning of summer. The Maypole probably represented the tree of life and fertility, while children and adults wore flowers as a symbol of the Spring Goddess Flora. In modern times both are good, festive fun, and a reminder that warmer days are ahead.  Our children wear a ‘May Crown’ of fresh flowers symbolising the full arrival of spring and new growth.

Festivals in the Steiner curriculum

The experience of the festivals is an important element in Steiner education and a much loved School tradition, standing as beacons across the changing year.

Festivals connect us with the changing seasons, establish a yearly rhythm for the children, and provide an opportunity for participation and celebration by the whole school community.

They are social events, nourishing our souls through the sharing of stories, food, songs and activities, as well as giving space for inner reflection and bringing warmth to the relationship between school and home.

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