Positive Friendships

18 February 2022

Classes 8/9 and Class 4/5 came together for the morning to share their thoughts on healthy friendships and positive relationships – building on earlier work  identifying their own personal strengths. Find out more below…

This workshop, focused on emotional literacy, aimed to promote self worth and look at how important this in their own contribution to positive peer relationships.

Previously the classes had each used a series of questions to help them reflect on themselves at their best. Too often we default to dissecting our weaknesses, focusing on our flaws and defining ourselves by these traits, so they were given the green light to throw self-depreciation out of the window and ferret out, identify and acknowledge their individual strengths. After drawing Mirographs to illustrate their joyful findings, they moved on to recognising strengths in their friends, appreciating what makes a good friend, as well as identifying what made them a good friend.

When the two classes came together Class 8/9 had the task of helping Class 4’5 identify what qualities they like in their friends, and what makes a friendship a good friendship. They then set to making posters to display around the School from the starting point of “My friends are brilliant because…..”

Photos: Emyr and Thelonius, Class 8/9

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