Class 7/8 Physics – Rube Goldberg Machines

06 April 2023

Class 7/8 have building Rube Goldberg machines (a type of chain reaction machine) in our Physics block on Mechanics. Working in mixed groups to practice team work, they had to include at least three of the six simple machines we had explored. The machine needed to perform an action, such as pouring a cup of coffee, popping a balloon, or dispensing an oreo. Find out more below…

Middle School Physics includes the study of acoustics, optics , thermodynamics, electricity, and a block focusing on mechanics and the six simple machines. Observations are more empirical and each lesson is designed to introduce a concept that students can discover through the observation of phenomena during experiments.

As the Middle School student is undergoing the changes of adolescence, so they are developing a new relationship with the world and the forces of nature. These forces are reflected in the science of Mechanics, the study of physical laws and the forces that work upon them.

We study the six simple machines and how they work: the lever, pulley, wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge and the screw. We learn to use mechanical advantage to do work and to measure it, gaining awareness of the relationship between the gain in force and the distance traveled to obtain that gain.

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