Bringing Roman Art Alive

29 February 2024

Ty Afon have been learning about Roman mosaics as part of their Roman History studies this year. They began by looking at photos of a floor tile mosaic from the excavation of a Roman villa in the village of Halstock, Dorset. Find out more below…
Students started drawing and designing their own mosaic patterns, followed by working on a sample of their chosen design using cut paper to give them an idea of what it was like to work with mosaic.
They then all had a go at making their own hand cut tesserae from hand-made mosaic pieces from rolled out slabs of clay. They learnt how to roll out the clay into flat sheets, of an even thickness, and then how to sponge on different coloured slips to the surface of the slabs. They made red, yellow, white and black.
They then measured and cut the slabs into 1cm x 1cm tesserae. Once the tesserae had been fired the children started to glue down their pieces before grouting and then polishing their mosaics.
They all really enjoyed the project and feel very proud of their completed mosaic plaques.

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