Class 12/13 Project Presentations

15 April 2024

On Saturday we met the young adults that our oldest students have become at the oral presentations for their Class 12 Projects, find out more below…

Class 12/13 students presented their Class 12 Projects at an exhibition and presentation morning on Saturday 12 April, where the School community met to listen to each student’s journey. This felt like a coming of age moment, they showed us that they are ready to step out into the world standing firmly in their space and fully individually themselves.

As part of their final year of studies with us, each student undertakes a year-long independent research project in an area of their choosing. This year topics investigated ranged from Neurocinematics, the science of exercise, forensic science, the development of language and the Samurai. Practical projects undertaken included a detailed business plan to open a cosmetics shop in Madrid, a book of poetry, a novel, a photography portfolio and the recording of an EP.

Forming part of Level 3 on the Certificate of Steiner Education (NZCSE) qualification, for this project each student produces a fully referenced, bound and formatted document circa 5,000-7,000 words from their research and presents their research findings in an oral presentation to a public audience.

On Friday fellow students, parents, staff and trustees came to view the exhibitions with the opportunity to chat with each student about their project. On Saturday, students formally presented their projects in a programme of individual talks. Each student was confident and engaging as they talked, convincingly responding to questions from the floor with charisma and from a position of in-depth understanding and genuine interest in their work.

One of the strengths of this project is the unique and distinctive proof of the student’s ability to work independently, in-depth and with academic rigor. It is much appreciated by Universities. This class have offers from Kings College London, the Univeristy of York, Durham, Exeter and Glasgow amongst others. We will keep you updated with what they do next.

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