Garden Group – Spring Project

22 April 2024

Our Parent Garden Group have been busy on a new Spring project focusing on the Kindergarten Garden and front of School, find out more below…

This project is focusing on:

  • Debarking, sanding and oiling the new larch wood stumps
  • Making a small blackberry bed for Kindergarten
  • Building a third wooden planter next to the entrance
Steiner education is much more than a school of thought; it’s a supportive community of like-minded families and friends. Children, staff and parents know each other and work together to create a supportive and caring community that holds the education of children and young people at its heart.

“It’s a privilege to be involved closely with your child’s education, for them to feel that this isn’t just somewhere where you leave them but is somewhere that you are all connected to and have a presence.” ~Parent, Cardiff Steiner School

Find out more about the Garden Group

Next Garden Workday Sat 27 April

9.30-3.30 – drop in as you are able

The Garden Group are having weekly Garden Workdays on throughout the project and all parents and families are welcome along. Work includes lining, filling and planting the third  planter. Continuing to debark, sand & oil logs ready to edge the Kindergarten Sandpit, and work on the blackberry bed.

Informal and friendly, they’re open to all who can drop in (children welcome). From sweeping the yard, to planting and fixing, the focus is on keeping the garden a happy and safe place for our children and young people. They’re a great way get to know new or different parents, and get out in the fresh air for some team-building fun.

No experience is necessary, enthusiasm is all you need! (but do bring along gardening tools/yard brushes if you have any).

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