Class 9/10 BIG Run

Our AMAZING Class 9/10 are doing a charity run on 1 July to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. They’ve each set themselves individual challenging targets ranging from 2K in 15 mins to 20K in 1 hour 10 mins. After researching and presenting on different charities they overwhelmingly voted on raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Some have personal experiences that have contributed to this decision and all can appreciate the impact of the weight of a diagnosis of cancer in your teens. Can you support them to reach their target?…


What distance goal have you set and why?

1-2k because I don’t think I am capable of doing the 5k. There is a part of the circuit that goes up hill and it’s difficult in the wheelchair to complete this section.

What are you doing to prepare yourself for the run?

I use the wheelchair pretty often, so I am used to it. I do run but I’ve chosen to do it in the wheelchair as it’s easier for me to complete.

How has it been benefiting you, and what have you enjoyed in the challenge?

I have enjoyed getting out and being able to run more and be around nature. This benefits me quite a lot, because of lock down mental health hasn’t been great so getting out really helps.

Have you encountered any challenges and what have you done to overcome them?

Definitely the uphill. Me and Miranda have worked out a different route to get past this, it is longer but it will be fine and I will end up at the same end as the others.

As a class you chose the Teenage Cancer Trust. What does it mean to you?

Personally, it means quite a lot to do anything with Cancer research due to family members going through it. It means a lot to me to help support them with this.

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