Class Ty Seren Play

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Ty Seren treated us to a joyful play perfomance in the Easter Festival, bringing to life the learning from their Main Lesson block on the Four Processes (+, –, x,  ÷). Find out more...

Upper School – Easter Egg Throwing

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The Upper School Egg Throwing competition is firmly fixed as our end of Easter Festival closing event. Last egg standing wins...

Class Ty Haul – Farming

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Ty Haul got hands-on in their Farming Main Lessons Block, helping with lambing at Nant y Coed Farm. Find out more...

Class 7/8 Physics – Rube Goldberg Machines

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Class 7/8 students have been building Rube Goldberg machines in their Physics block on Mechanics.

Class 7/8 Clay Ocarinas

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Class 7/8 students have been designing and making clay ocarinas in Ceramics. This really fun and quite challenging project reinforces the pinching method students learnt last term, as they make and join two matching pinched bowl forms to create the sound chamber. Find out more